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Undoing Wellness Culture One Knot at A Time

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Our to do list is longer,
our wallets are lighter...

but are we well?

Despite the ever growing wellness industry --expected to gross $7 trillion by 2025--we still struggle to feel good in our skin.  We barely have the energy to care of those we love let alone give ourselves the attention we need. And, forget about the mental clarity, focus, passion, and creativity to chase our own dreams.

This got me thinking…

What if wellness is preventing us
from being our best selves...

and actually holding us back from being well?

It seems to me, and you probably agree, that chasing after wellness isn't working for any of us.  We are checking off all the boxes, doing all the things, but rather than being energized, we are exhausted.  All the diets and food dogma is taking away the joy of food.  And, worse yet, the no pain, no gain fitness industry causes needless injuries, unmanageable fatigue, and its so unnecessary!

I believe there is a better way.  

And, it begins with understanding why we believe what we believe about wellness in the first place.  It's about undoing all the things we've been told, saying adios to the gurus, the diets, and perscriptive fitness, and figuring out what serve our needs --what suits your schedule, your family, your life.

Become an UNDOING WOMAN with us.

I created the Detangle Beauty Social Network to help you become the authority of your well-being.  No more boxes to check, gurus to follow, or unrealistic expectations to chase.  This is how you evolve into an Undoing Woman.

With a little guidance and practice, you will appreciate your bio-individuality and understand that only you know what makes you feel good.  Copycatting what works for sister or avoiding what didn’t work for your friend isn’t serving you. 

And, lastly, you will behold your your self-worth and then unapoligetically prioritize your needs because you‘ve learned that you can only love and serve others as well as you love and serve yourself.

...and, that's what the
Detangle Beauty Social Network is all about.

Paula Marie Davis is the Founder and your Undoing companion on this journey.

First and foremost, if you're looking for a guru, this is not the right place for you.  I don't have all the answers nor do I want to tell you what to do.  I believe you already have everything you need.  It's a matter of trust.  Trusting yourself to show up for you.  Trusting your inner knowing to lead you in the right direction. And, learning to trust me when I tell just need to slow down, be still, and listen.  The answers are all within you.

If you're looking for an educated companion to support you, provide unconditional love, then you are in the right place.  For the last several decades, I've been growing and honing my well-being toolkit for just this journey.  As a holistic coach, culinary artist, essential oil and cannabis practitioner, movement instructor, yoga teacher, and barefoot science enthusiast, I am more than educated and certified to guide you along your journey.  Plus, as a mom of five young adults and a wife for 30 years and counting, I can dole out a heaping of tough love like nobody's business.

And, I want to say, straight from the get go, this is work is very personal to me.  I struggled with bulimia in my teens and early twenties.  As a wellness coach, for many years, I masked disordered body image standards with industry expectations. I pushed food domga and prescriptive fitness on my clients like a junkie pushes their drug of choice.  But, as I hit my late 40's everything started to change.  I wanted to unravel all the bullshit the wellness industry was feeding us.  And, detangle the nonsensical way in which the wellness industry has woven wellness and beauty into one very knotted thread.  

I wanted to believe I AM ENOUGH, just as I am.  I am just as WORTHY with a six pack as a muffin top.  I wanted to share with women that well-being isn't about checking off boxes.  It's about feeling good in your skin. Confident in your body.  It's about living without dis-ease and the physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to accomplish your wildest dreams -- all while loving  those around you in the biggest way possible.

And, that's is what I want for you.

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